Abstract Art for Sale


“Mind Over Matter” Spray paint, Acrylic, Gold Leaf, India Ink on canvas / 40x30x1.5 / 10lbs / 2016

This art piece has several layers of spray paint and ink to give it a 3 dimensional look. It has an ability to pull you through the piece at so many different levels, even when you are tired, it is a simple question of mind over matter. The Gold Leaf attracts the viewer as a reflection, and changes the eye to go in various directions with different outcomes. 



Vortex 60x48x1.5 - Edited.jpg

“Vortex” Spray paint, Acrylic, India Ink on canvas / 60x48x1.5 / 20lbs / 2017

I created this art piece to symbolize the concept of the art show “Living in the City/Urban Art” that was presented at The Studio Door, San Diego CA in 2017. It was also used as a back-drop for a group of young adults in open expression during the opening reception.  



Sun Kiss 20x20x1.5 - Edited.jpg

“Sunkiss” Spray paint and India Ink on canvas / 20x20x1.5 / 4lbs / 2019 

My first art piece I made at my loft in Brooklyn NYC. I stayed there to experience the art culture, and found so many inspiring areas around me. I spray painted this on my roof in Nov, so it was also a very cold experience!



Wings of Love 30x24x2 - Edited.jpg

“Wings of Love” Spray paint and India Ink on cradled wood panel / 30x24x2 / 15lbs / 2017

I sparingly used the spray paint to give a more whimsical feel to this piece on wood, almost like a watercolor. 



Mystic Springs 24x20x1.5 - Edited.jpg

“Mystic Springs” Spray paint and India Ink on canvas / 24x20x1.5 / 5lbs / 2018

I also painted this the same time I painted “Lonely Sailor”. I did a show in my beach community, Mission Beach, and I wanted to represent the beauty of the ocean and tropics that I am so fortunate to be close to. 



Lone Sailor 16x20x1.5 - Edited.jpg

“Lonely Sailor” Spray Paint on canvas / 16x20x1.5 / 3lbs / 2018

My brother had received his sailing certification and went on a 21 day journey out to sea. There was a major storm and they lost their engines in a battle against the winds and rain for over 12 hours. I wanted to make an art piece that symbolized how small we are in such a big vast ocean.



Red Dawn 12x36x1.5 - Edited (1).jpg

“Red Dawn” Spray Paint, Glaze, India Ink on canvas / 12x36x1.5 / 5lbs / 2015

This piece has a feel of fire and resurrection that made me name it Red Dawn. The gold glaze or golden sunrise is like a new beginning to the new day. 



Genetic Code 12x12x1.5 - Edited.jpg

“Genetic Code” Acrylic wash on canvas / 12x12x1.5 / 2lbs / 2020

I went to Tempe AZ to do an art show and wanted to expand my art style. The heat that was there gave me an almost melting feeling, so I ran the paint down the canvas. I thought it gave out a code of some sort. One of overheating I presume.




Prismatic 10x20x1.5 - Edited.jpg
Reflection 10x20x1.5 - Edited (1).jpg

“Prismatic” and "Reflection" Spray paint and Indian Ink on canvas / 10x20x1.5 / 2lbs / 2019

These can be a set, but also work beautifully apart. I just came back from living in Brooklyn NYC and I felt a Kaleidoscope of feelings to create them.

$225. each