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Artist Bio

Bama Art is an abstract artist. India ink brush work is the main focal point on most of Bama's paintings. Using spray paints and acrylics for color and added depth, her ink drawings flow throughout the painting. The stark black ink on white canvas is also common in many of Bama's artwork. Her technique is unique in the manner that it has no order, but has a special ability to open up the viewers mind with a unique interpretation of what they see and what is projected from their own subconscious.


While obtaining her Interior Design degree and working as a member on the board with the Fine Arts Society of the Southern Tier NY, she has been curating and professionally displaying at art shows and doing art since 2002 throughout NY, AZ, and CA. In 2008-2012 Bama's art career as a live and showing artist developed mainly in Phoenix and Tempe, AZ with Art-A-Gogh-Gogh, a music and art venue promotion company. Several other shows in AZ included: Erotic Exotic, First Friday, The Fantastic Art Exhibit, The Alwun House, Nightmare on 5th St, RAW Artists, and recently in 2020 at Azokoza Art Gallery.

After returning to San Diego, CA in 2013, Bama continued her art career with these galleries and organizations in San Diego county: ArtLab Studios, Villa Musica Arts Center, RAW Artists, ArtXchange/Blank Slate Studio, Pancakes & Booze, Bettinatime, LaBodega Art Studios, Ray at Night Kent Karra’s Studio, Mesheeka Art Gallery, The Studio Door Art Gallery, Art Unites, Hanalei Art Works, and ABK Top Artists.

Local San Diego restaurants and businesses that she has worked with include; The Single Fin, The Mission Restaurant, Meze Downtown, Hotel Solamar Rooftop, Mike Hess Brewery North Park, The Green Flash Brewery/Cellar 3, Bar Basic Pizza, and many more places that dedicate their time in supporting local artists.

Bama has won several awards and has successfully sold many art pieces throughout her art career.  She currently resides in San Diego, CA and continues working on new and inspiring artwork.


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